How to Approach Front Yard Versus Backyard Landscaping

If you’re planning a major landscaping project, it’s important to know that not all of them are the same. Particularly, you need to understand the subtle differences between doing a front garden redesign as opposed dealing with your backyard.

Front yards and backyards are great places for a creative makeover and getting your outdoor space looking spiffy. But it’s critical that you invest in your project carefully. Each of the two settings serves a unique purpose for homeowners. And you should approach your project accordingly.

Front Yard Landscaping

The front yard is meant to receive homeowners and guests as they enter a house. Therefore, you need to consider your makeover according to its purpose.

Make it Welcoming

The first step in creating a welcoming front yard is to create curb appeal. This means onlookers will see a well-designed home with beautiful landscaping, making them want to stop and admire the view.

Keep your flowerbeds clean and remove old foliage from the premises. Allow your grass to grow, so it gives a uniform appearance. Add a water feature or bird bath if needed. Invest in a simple yet sophisticated walkway.

Less Is More

Don’t overdo your redesign. Too many elements can make things look chaotic and unkempt. You should also keep away from using too much colour at once so as not to overwhelm the senses.



Backyard Landscaping

The backyard is less for show and more for functional use. Here, you keep things that are not a good visual fit for the front yard.

Put Your Space to Use

There are many ways that you can use your backyard for activities rather than just sitting there looking pretty. A pool or a play area for family and houseguests are ideal. It’s also a great spot for a vegetable garden.

Or, to really take advantage of flat or sloped space, invest in a retaining wall. They’re sturdy, versatile, and can serve a multitude of uses while also looking great.

Make a Sanctuary for Yourself

A lot of people spend more time outside for some much-needed alone time. The backyard could therefore use some more comfortable features, like a sitting space or outdoor fireplace. Wherever you can settle down with the newspaper or a cup of coffee would do.

Bring Some Charm to Your Outdoor Space

At the end of the day, front and backyard landscaping are two sides of the same coin. All you need is an eye for creativity and top-notch professionals.

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