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How A Tree Can Add Value To Your Garden

While adding a tree to your garden may seem like an impractical expense at first, trees have a lot to offer property owners. Planting a tree is one of the easiest ways to completely transform your garden and add in a living element, which could be around for many generations to come.

As North Shore tree services providers, Hort Culture has put together a list of five ways trees can add value to your outdoor space.


One of the biggest advantages of planting trees in your garden is that you’ll increase the amount of cool, natural shade. There is nothing better than picnicking under the shade of a tree. When your garden has sufficient shade, you’ll find that you may want to spend more time outside and utilise your outdoor space more, making the most of the space available to you.


Humans are visual creatures, and aesthetic appeal should never be underrated. It is undeniable that trees are incredibly beautiful and add to the general beauty of your outdoor space. There are so many different species to choose from, and there is certainly a tree out there that you will find to be breathtakingly beautiful.

North Shore tree services


Trees are a true wonder of nature as their leaves remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen. Having trees in your garden can help increase your oxygen intake and improve your general well-being. The sight of your trees is likely to instil a sense of calm and relaxation that can help with mental health.


Large trees act as mini ecosystems and can be home to a number of insects, birds and even small mammals. Introducing trees into your garden is a great way to do your bit for the environment, and attract wildlife to your garden.


Did you know that when selling your home, trees can actually work in your favour for getting the price you want. There are many trees, especially rare trees, that are valuable in and of themselves. This alone adds value to your property, but their beauty can also be attractive to potential buyers.

Are you looking for professional North Shore tree services to transform your outdoor space? Get in touch with the expert team at Hort Culture today. We’d love to be involved with any garden maintenance or tree-related requirements on your property. We look forward to hearing from you.

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